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Montblanc combines the best of two worlds - analog and digital

Although in the course of digitization the analog world is increasingly integrated into the digital, there are still some exceptions. Handwritten notes, for example, remain stubborn. But - hand on heart - what usually happens with all our notes? We would like to organize them digitally.

Handwritten notes in the digital world of work - Montblanc Augmented Paper

This is why Montblanc has developed a solution that translates analogue recordings into the digital. The Augmented Paper is a symbiosis of both worlds: hand-written notes and sketches can be transferred from paper to a mobile device with a single button.

Some of the merits of the analog world can and should be retained, as new technologies are refined. The Montblanc Augmented Paper combines the practical advantages of handwriting notes with the efficiency and elegance of digitized work. It combines the best of two worlds - analog and digital.